Why you need a Logo / Designing / Branding / Artwork ?

  • A “LOGO, Brochure, Visiting/Business Card, and other Stationery” are often the “Most Recognized Element” in a company’s visual communication.
  • Branding  is often the “First Impression” you make on your clients. It’s a “Consistent and well designed Corporate Identity”
  • Branding has acquired a new meaning for “Marketing Success” Today. Branding is the new approach to Communicate with the user. Branding Assumes Great Importance To Attract Attention In “Short Time Events” And It Demands A Well Planned “Brand Communication Strategy”.

Why You Choose Glomark for your Branding / Designing ?

  • The Challenge Is To Properly Design the Branding Which Communicates Everything About The Company, Products & Services. We Create New Experiences That Are Meaningful To Your Customers and We Help In Capturing The “Right Mind-share For Your BRAND”. We Conceptualize The New Directions For The Product / Services / Business that Fit The Lives Of The Consumer Better and Enhance Your Brand Positioning.
  • The “Discover and Research” Phase by us Forms the Building Blocks While designing A Branding and Serves as a Catalyst For Strategic Innovation, Ultimately Enabling Products / Services / Business of the company To Gain the Highest Possible Market share.
  • Our “Experience Design Strategy” Begins With Studying “How People Live and How They Use the Product”. We Make “Strategic Plans” For Your Product Development. Special Emphasis Is Given to Understand the “User’s Needs and Aspirations”, Resulting in Sensitive and Effective Solutions.
  • And Above All  We Are Producing “Customized Branding At Reasonable  / Economical Prices”.


Visiting Card per option Rs 50/-
Letterhead per option Rs 50/-
Bill Book per option Rs 50/-
Flex Banner per option Rs 50/-
Logo (Tracing) per option Rs 100/-
Logo (Fresh) per option Rs 490/-
Pamphlet Single Color per page and per option Rs 50/-
Brochure Multicolor per page and per option Rs 100/-
Catalogue Cover Page per page per option Rs 200/-
Catalogue Inner Pages per page per option Rs 100/-
Hindi Typing per page Rs 50/-
FaceBook Banner Design per Banner Rs 100/-
WebSite Banner Design per Banner Rs 100/-
Image Cutting per Image Rs 30/-
10 Designs per Option Per Month Rs 1000/-
20 Designs per Option Per Month Rs 1700/-
50 Designs per Option Per Month Rs 2500/-
150 Designs per Option Per Month Rs 5000/-


Terms of Services

  1. In Case of “Design Outsourcing” A Monthly Card will be issued to the client which will be Valid till 30 Days from the date of Issue. Client has to Enjoy the Service within Card’s Validity and in case Client has not made the Full use of it, No Designs will be Carry Forward in the Next Month. New Card will be Issued to the Client in case they want to Enjoy the Service Once Again.
  2. Glomark is Not Responsible for Any Images and Content Related Legal Issues like Copyrights etc. Glomark is Not Responsible for Duplicacy of the Designs, Content, Images etc. (in case Client has not Copyrighted these Stuffs). It’s Solely Client’s Responsibility to check whether the these Stuffs are Copyrighted or Not. Glomark Just Prepares the Design for the Content, Images etc. which are Provided or Chosen by the Client.
  3. Rates Mentioned above will Apply Strictly only in case when Designing and Printing Both will be Done By Glomark. In Case, You wish Only the Design then All Prices will Get Thriced (Multiplied By 3) or Customized Design Charges per Hour or Design Outsourcing Rates will be Applied.